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Financial support for justice involved veterans:

To provide financial support for justice-involved veterans through Veteran Treatment Courts in Yavapai County. This can include monies for drug testing to ensure program compliance, transportation to and from appointments, and coordinating the Veteran Mentors Program that is so essential to treatment courts. In this capacity, we hope to both ensure more successful outcomes for the veteran participants, and to reduce the burden on government agencies involved in their care.

Financial support for alternative therapies and comm care:

To provide financial support for alternative therapies and community care that may not be covered by the Veterans Benefits Administration. Many times traditional therapy falls short of the needs of our veterans. AVAIL will seek out and form relationships with community partners willing to care for veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, MST and other traumas unique to the military. Some veterans involved in the justice system may not be eligible for VA care or have a distrust of help provided by government agencies. AVAIL will serve to bridge this gap whenever possible to give veterans access to the mental health care they need and deserve.

Serve as a hub agency for all area Veteran Service Org:

To serve as a hub agency for all area Veteran Service Organizations. We hope to accomplish this by creating a standardized form to request assistance from all agencies. This would guard against individuals abusing the system by asking for the same assistance from multiple agencies. To this end, we will establish a point of contact with each organization and conduct regular meetings to maintain an orderly operation. This will also allow multiple agencies to contribute to larger requests that may be beyond their individual financial ability.

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